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Happy birthday!

Hey, Besame! I wish you a happy birthday, may your day be plenty of happiness and fun.

True Blood

Yay! True Blood again! I had to forget about the book series in order to enjoy the TV series. When I convinced myself that The Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood coincidentaly shared characters with the same name and sometimes, the same job, I could finally enjoy both! l love Eric in both!

Feb. 25th, 2012

Well, I would like to add the information that I was born on October 21st, 1963, ok? Therefore, I'm 48 years old nowadays.

Writer's Block: Friday the 13th

No, actually, I don't. But I like playing with them...
Do you believe in any superstitions?

Writer's Block: Checking it twice

I'm sure I'm should be on anyone's nice list, most of all, Santa's. But it seems that (because I'm misunderstood, for sure) I'm always on the naughty list...

Hello! I'm new here!

Hello, there!

I'm new here and I'm kind of lost. My name is Edith and I'm a Brazilian 45 years old teacher that loves Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and the Potter universe among many other things that I'll talk about another time, because, now, I'm on the run.